Imagine being as excited about PT
 as you were when you first started.

Imagine feeling fulfilled at work everyday.

Imagine being surrounded by other PTs that refuse to accept the profession as it is and know it can be so much more.


To us, this isn't a vision, it can be YOUR reality.

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We Believe...


that everyone can love Monday mornings.

in effort over talent.

that our rebellion is not meant to be alone.

in professional excellence
without sacrificing your life balance.

that hard work is necessary.

in nonconformity to uphold our values.

the struggle is worth it.

Professional Rebellion Pays It Forward

We believe in the next generation of physical therapists so we give 10% of our net profits to physical therapy students and programs to provide for scholarships, research, professional development, and pro bono clinics.


Maybe you're...
Not sure what's next, are stuck going through the motions, or your career just isn't what you thought it would be.

Whatever the reason, getting unstuck starts with the three SECRETS to propel your career forward.
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Dr. Jenna Gourlay Featured on Functional Movement Podcast

Jenna discusses career burnout and how to escape it


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