Stepping Out

Stepping Out


While there aren’t many things more terrifying to people than public speaking, what is worse is public speaking in front of your peer group. This weekend we had a communication course for all of the University of Evansville Residency Programs (Sports, Ortho, Neuro, and Acute Care). 


In our course, you stand in front of everyone and give a persuasive talk while you are recorded. The recording is played back as you sit there. You then get to critique yourself, then your colleagues give feedback, then finally the course instructors give their two cents. Then you have an hour and a half to redo your presentation and implement all the feedback and give it again after lunch.


It is beyond exhausting. It is beyond terrifying. 


But I couldn’t be more proud of the people who came and engaged in the process. Here is why I think these people are so awesome:


1) They put themselves in an uncomfortable situation in order to be better


2) They came ready to learn 


3) They took and implemented feedback graciously


4) They will be forever changed as professionals


When people ask us about what it takes to have an ideal career, I think we can take a page from the folks that participated in the course this weekend. I know they will do great things. They will continue to love their career as it grows and evolves.


What are you going to do to step out this year? I promise, it will lead you down a path to your ideal career.


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