Being uncomfortable is the fastest way to grow

Dear PT Students,
Oh, treatment Tuesdays. I haven’t thought about them in a long time, but they came up on my timeline.
While I was in school, every Tuesday Rutgers had a student and faculty run community clinic where patients could be seen on a pro bono basis.
We were required to do a few hours a semester. As a first year student, I dreaded going. I felt uncomfortable, not confident, and I didn’t stay a second more than necessary.
Then clinicals came around and I wished I had spent more time there and gotten more experience. I vowed I would go every Tuesday of my second year regardless of requirement. And I did.
The beginning still sucked. I felt out of place and was nervous I would do something wrong. But the more I showed up, the more I liked it. I started feeling more confident and could see my growth week to week. Practicals got easier. I got better and when my second clinical came around, I was a different student entirely.
It taught me something I often need to remember today. If you wait to do something until you’re comfortable, you’ll never move. Being uncomfortable is the fastest way to grow.
What will you do this semester that scares you?
Break Barriers,

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