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So, I am sitting in the waiting room and my car is nearly finished. The service manager informed me that they just had to pull it off the lift and I would be good to go.  I nodded to him and began thinking about what I had to do the rest of the day. Meeting, mentoring call, baseball practice and SCREEEEECH. The sound of screeching tires and a wham followed by shattering glass made me look up just in time to see my car sitting WITH me in the waiting room.  Yes, I mean WITH me. The attendant somehow drove my car through the glass window into the waiting room instead of through the open overhead door of the garage into the parking lot.

The shock wore off eventually and I was given a pickup truck as a courtesy vehicle.  Awesome. I have a wife and four kids, so this doesn’t fit us all. It was inconvenient but several weeks later my car was finally ready for pick up.  Now that the dust settled and I’m about to get my car back, I was wondering what I can negotiate. In this situation, would you just have them fix the car? Or would you negotiate? Would you have any idea where to start with the negotiation? Would you use a scientific step by step process?

These are all great questions, but you’re thinking to yourself, this is a rare occurrence and it will never happen to me. Well, I had that same thought (actually I never had that thought because I never imagined it would happen).  Hopefully your car will never end up in the dealership waiting room with you, but chances are that something similar (although not as drastic) has happened to you in physical therapy. Your expectations weren’t met or you were blindsided by something you never considered.  You took your SUV in for a standard oil change and left with a pickup truck and the memory of your beloved SUV getting destroyed by an attendant. In some sense, you watched an aspect of your career in physical therapy go through a glass window. Maybe you didn’t expect to hate documentation so much, to feel so little autonomy, to see (or not see) a particular population or not be paid what you know you deserve.

Well, your ability to negotiate can help improve your circumstances and can also help offset undesirable ones.  Your ability to negotiate can be highly correlated to career satisfaction. When you negotiate for your salary and working conditions for your job, you get closer to what you want and gain some control over your day. On the other hand, by not negotiating your salary and working conditions, you could be leaving over a half a million dollars on the table (don’t believe me?  I’ll show you how in No Fear Negotiation.)

But here is the problem: Most of us HATE negotiating. The thought of it turns our stomach. We avoid it at all costs and are uncertain how to ask for what we need. Whether you are a new graduate or a loyal employee, you can benefit from understanding the science of negotiation.

We want to teach you the step-by-step process of a successful negotiation.  Are you ready to learn? Join us for our free negotiating master class where we will go over exactly how to get what you want at your job.  Also, find out what ended up happening… I’ll tell you that I didn’t just let them fix the car and return it.

We want to help you move toward your Ideal Career and we know that negotiating for a better circumstance is absolutely necessary on that journey.  Maybe you’re ready to negotiate tomorrow or maybe you aren’t in a place to negotiate right now. Either way, the steps will help set you up to get the best possible outcomes and we don’t want you to miss it.

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