How to Reflect on 2020

I’ve read two different ideas about how to reflect on 2020 - the first I hated... and the second I loved.

The first idea said something like, if you didn’t hustle in 2020, you don’t have what it takes in you.  It said that if you didn’t work harder than you ever have before then somehow you don’t have what it takes.  I couldn’t disagree more.  2020 was a time for survival.  A time where you constantly had to adjust and respond to things you never saw coming.  When you are in survival mode, it is hard to “hustle” and hard to grow.  So, don’t beat yourself up.

The second concept I think is great.  In an email from Jon Acuff, he recommends grading the year on a curve.  When a test was harder than anticipated and when the outcomes were skewed to one end, you often get a curve.  2020 gets a curve.  

Maybe you didn’t start your own practice like you wanted, but you picked a name.  

Maybe you didn’t get the job you wanted, but you applied and went through the process.  

Maybe you didn’t take the continuing education course you wanted, but you’ve made plans to figure it out in 2021.  

Just getting to the end of the year with hope that the next will be better is victory enough.

So, before we fully get into 2021, we are going to revisit our top posts of 2020 that may just give you hope back if it's wavered over the year.


#10 The question that will ignite your career

Most cannot answer this one question that can unlock a meaningful and passionate career. Can you?


# 9 I LOVE my patients, but I don’t always like patient care….

I was hesitant to write this in fear of what other PTs may think.... the truth I found is that many feel the exact same way.


#8 Burnout in physical therapy.... Is PT school to blame?

If you feel burnt out in your career, it isn't your fault. PT school may have something to do with it, but it doesn't have to.


#7 How to Get Your Dream Job In Professional Sports (actually, any dream job for that matter)

Pursuing a career in sports (or many other positions) may seem confusing and you may feel like you lack the direction or connections needed. But, it isn't a secret club or unattainable. You just need to know what to do.


#6 Filling the gap between new grad and expert

How do you become the best? I came out of school wanting to be great, to be perfect and to get everyone better. A lot of students feel this way and while perfection should not be the goal, there are ways to bridge that gap.


#5 What I wish physical therapy students and new graduates knew about their faculty (and all PTs for that matter)

 This is what your faculty really feel...


#4 Why Patients Don’t Do Their Exercises

I used to think the difference between doing what you're supposed to and not doing it was motivation. But, it is so much more than that. Why patients don't do their exercises and why we don't get our ideal career IS NOT motivation.


#3 If You Don’t Have This One Thing, You Are Less Likely to Accomplish Your Goals

When was the last time you took a victory lap? Have you ever? If not check out why it is so important.


#2 How do I know which PT job to pick? Differentiating average from awesome

Knowing which job to choose can seem like an impossible choice, but there are questions that can help you find the BEST FIT for you.


#1  Is there a financial silver lining right now?

2020 was tough for many reasons, especially a financial standpoint. Can we find any good in it?


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