New Semester, New You

Dear PT Students,
During PT school, “New year, new me” wasn’t my go to saying. However, “New semester, new me,” was. At the beginning of each semester, I swore it would be different. I would study ahead, read more, keep track of deadlines better, get up earlier, and not constantly wish I started things earlier.
Those first two weeks of those semesters were always glorious. I was prepared and organized. And then after that first test or the first assignment the wheels would fall off and the semester would never be the same. Everything would go back to procrastination and “that’s due WHEN?!”
It wasn’t that I lacked motivation or that the novelty wore off. It is that I never put any systems in place. I swore things would be different, got organized, but then repeated the same pattern as the before. I had a plan for how to start the semester, but I didn’t have a plan for how I’d continue to maintain my habits.
If you’re going into the semester wanting to finally feel you have your sh*t together, plan for continued success. A quick weekly check in on Sundays to get yourself organized before the week, scheduling time (in an agenda) specifically dedicated to your study goals, and having a strategy for what happens when you get off track all will help.
New semester, new you.
Break Barriers,

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