Reminder: You will pass the NPTE

Dear PT Students (or should I say new PTs),

Those four letters have been thrown around for the last three years of your life.

“You’ll need to know this for the NPTE”
“This will definitely be on the NPTE”
“Make sure you review this for the NPTE”

For a while the NPTE was so far in the future that it didn’t seem real. Something you would think about, but quickly forget. But for many of you, right now the NPTE is all you can think about.

I’ve heard from a lot of students about the stress, uncertainty and worry that they’ve been feeling as the test quickly approaches. Many who have been studying and preparing daily for weeks and months.

I’ve heard things like ‘I’m not a good test taker’ and other narratives that are all different shades of being afraid of failing. And that fear is understandable. That fear is real, but….

Here’s what I know and what you should know

1. No matter how ‘bad of a test taker’ you are, you passed PT school and that is all the proof you need to know that you are in fact not a bad test taker. Let me say that again: You are a good test taker and you passing PT school proves it.

2. 99.3% of people who passed the PEAT went on to pass the NPTE. Of people that did not pass a PEAT, 67% passed.

3. You’ve learned all the material, studied, and prepared. The fear you feel is doubt, not a reflection of your ability. That voice that says you may fail is a feeling, not fact. You have done what you can do to prepare and you will pass this! You are ready.

You’ve done everything you need to do. Now is the hardest part- believing you can do it. I hope you know that you can and you will.

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