Stop Comparing Yourself

Dear PT Students,
I sat in the car until the last possible second. I tried to talk myself up, I tried to think positively, and on this particular day I tried not to cry.
There were more days like this during my acute care rotation than I’d like to admit. I didn’t like the hospital, I was intimidated by the lines and tubes, and there wasn’t a single minute that I felt at ease walking through the CCU for the entire 12 weeks of my clinical.
The worst part though… many of my classmates were having great experiences. They loved going into their clinical and I was sitting in my car trying to get myself to walk into the building.
I started questioning if I was cut out for physical therapy. I kept worrying that I had made a mistake. And I wished for confidence that never came.
What kind of PT was I going to be if I hated my rotation while others raved about theirs?
As it turned out, I am an outpatient/sports PT and have no plans to work in acute care. And I feel completely comfortable on the sidelines at football games where the same classmates that loved acute care would feel out of place.
We would both found success, but in very different places and at very different times.
When it comes to a course, a clinical, a practical or whatever stage you’re at… Don’t compare your struggle to someone else’s success.
They may be on a very different path than you.
Your time is coming.

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