The Maze of PT

You can always depend on the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore to have some weird attraction you are willing to spend money on.  One of the most memorable was a maze, but instead of walls, it was filled with mirrors.  You are basically surrounded by an infinite number of your own reflections in all directions.  It was difficult to know whether there was a wall in front of you or not, because the mirror screwed with your depth perception. Now, that would have been hard enough to navigate through. 

However a group of us wanted to make it near impossible and also highly dangerous.  We wanted to see who could get through the maze fastest.  

So, we all took off as fast as possible.  Within seconds, each of us was met head on by one of the mirrors.  Then you’d bounce off, turn, and go another way eventually running into a mirror again. 

By the third or fourth collision you learned to slow down your speed to prevent permanent bodily harm.  The weirdest part was that sometimes you unintentionally hugged a stranger expecting the human being to just be a reflection.

This started off exciting and hilarious, but turned terrifying very quickly.  I wasn’t sure if I was bumping into the same mirror or a different one and suddenly got claustrophobic.  This made it even more difficult to know what I was doing. Each time I hit a mirror it was no longer funny, but devastating.  I was convinced I was never getting out of the maze.  So, I stayed in the maze paralyzed in a corner until I was finally rescued by one of the workers.

I’d be lying if I didn’t have this exact same experience with my PT career.

Phase 1:  Oh, this looks awesome.  I can’t wait- full speed ahead.

Phase 2:  Still fun, but definitely some downsides

Phase 3: Wait, this isn’t what I thought it was

Phase 4: Where am I???

Phase 5: How do I get out??

Phase 6: I’m doomed, I’ll just stay here.

Our goal at the Professional Rebellion is to stop people at phase 3.  We recognize that some people will go through the maze and love every minute of it. 

We know that some will enjoy it, see the downsides, but not be bothered by it.  But a large percentage of people will fully realize that it is not exactly what they expected it to be.

When people get to phase three, there are two ways to go.  Finding the way out of the maze and loving every minute of it or finding yourself stuck in a corner praying to be rescued.  You either create your ideal career in physical therapy or you feel doomed and get stuck. 

We don’t want people to get stuck.  We believe that everyone can love Monday mornings as much as Friday afternoons and it doesn’t take rescuing to get there.

Some may just need to change jobs or some may need to create a career that fits them

If you are in phase 3-6, that’s not the end of the world, but it has to be the start of something different.  Check out our free resources at or reach out to us.  There’s no reason to be stuck in the maze.


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