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Recently I announced my retirement as Founding Director of the University of Evansville & ProRehab Sports Residency Program after 14 years. I am so thankful for that opportunity and looking back, so glad I did it --- While I’m in awe of the impact we’ve had over the years, I’m equally excited for the new leadership moving forward.

What a humbling legacy...but now it causes me to ask, "What will I want to look back on in 10 years and be glad I started today?" What’s next for me?

Sure 14 years as residency program director goes fast but it still seems like a long time too. These past 8 weeks have been an even greater wake up call that the sum of our minutes, hours, days, and weeks make up our years and then ultimately our life.

I honestly can’t believe we have been at home for two months. Where has the time gone?

I was recently asked, “What do you want to be able to say about your time when this pandemic is over?  Do you want to say that you merely let time pass? Or that your impact on the world looks the same as it did 6 months ago?”

It is so easy for us to waste an hour or a day (and that is a good thing now and again), but when those days string together and you are merely going through the motions, that is when it becomes problematic.  When watching TV goes from being a reward or a way to unwind to a norm, that’s when wasting time is no longer a good thing.

As I’m thinking about my next step, I’m reminded that I have the tendency to want to wait for the perfect circumstances to act. I want everything in line before I make the move. While this does help me be prepared for situations I go into, it can have the downside of inaction. 

My thoughts of the current world situation used to be “This is a bad time to look for a job” or “The timing is not right for opening a clinic.” While those may or may not be true, it is important to recognize the inaction associated with those statements. There is no urgency to get anything done and as a matter of fact, there is almost an edict of “DON’T DO ANYTHING RIGHT NOW!” 

The problem is that if you don’t do anything right now, you will be at the same place one year from now that you are today. Ask yourself

Do you want to be at the same job?

Do you want to be impacting the lives of the same people in the same way?

Do you want to be making the same amount of money?

IF you find that ideal job or that ideal job finds you, will you be ready to seize the opportunity?

And 10 years from now, what do you want to have accomplished? For me, I want to impact thousands of physical therapists' lives by leading  PTs to have their ideal career. 

That is why we are launching our most ambitious free resource yet, the ideal PT Job Formula. This master class is designed to give you all the tactics you will need to land that ideal job. We want you to take action right now to set yourself up for where you want to be in a year.

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