What makes you enjoy work everyday?


People often wonder why we're so excited to go to work everyday. Is it the paycheck? Is it the variety in what we get to do? Or, is it something else?

Phil:  Jenna, I want to talk about enjoying your career, enjoying going to work.  A lot of people look at us and they're like, Hey, you guys seem excited to go to work every day.  What is it that you enjoy. What makes you enjoy work every day?

Jenna:  Yeah.  So for me, it's people and it's always come down to people like throughout my career, but even like having jobs in high school and stuff.  If I liked who I was working with and who I got to interact with then I was happy.  So for me, I love my coworkers, so I look forward to seeing them every day.  And then I love my patients and who I get to work with.  Then you add in like a lot of the other like side things that I get to do.  And in all those instances, I really enjoy the people.  So I think it comes down to like who I'm working with because even on like my most tired day or like, you know, had a weekend and not ready for Monday kind of thing, it's like the people around me that get me energized or make me really look forward to what I'm doing.  What would you say?

Phil:   You know, I probably would have said variety. I love doing a variety of things. I love doing tons of different stuff I like. I don't like the same thing 8 to 5 every day. That's just not my personality. And it might be my ADHD or or whatever.  But interesting that you say people, because two things really came out.  One from the pandemic is how much I missed my coworkers, how much I missed my students, how much I missed interacting with all the different people in different businesses that I work with and even patients when we're masked up.  That was really hard for me as well.  So it really does come down to the people because I always thought I liked the variety of things, which is definitely true.  There's no doubt about that.  But it's also the people I get to work with in that different variety, because all the variety I get, I get to choose who I'm working with.  And that's just absolutely amazing.

Jenna:  Yeah, I agree.


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