You're lucky if your job has this, if not it is time to leave


It is tough to know whether to leave your current job or not. In this video we discuss one crucial element that needs to be in your workplace. If not, it may be time to leave.


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If You Don’t Have This One Thing, You Are Less Likely to Accomplish Your Goals


I listened intently during our last Rebel Elite Community meeting as one our members spoke about her upcoming athlete summit.  She excitedly told the group that she had some amazing speakers and that the event was gaining more and more traction.  I left the call invigorated and struggled to fall asleep that night.  There is something contagious about the energy of someone pursuing their dreams.  

Another Rebel posted in the group that she had finalized the name of her future business and designed the logo.  My smile was immediate upon seeing the name and logo and that feeling of excitement is still present as I write about it.

We all know that it is important to have people surrounding you who are there for you when times are tough, but sometimes we overlook the need to have people ready to celebrate with us when times are great.  In The Leader You Want To Be, Amy Jen Su calls this the “victory lap.”  Who is excited for...

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Do you feel better or worse about your PT employer since the COVID-19 pandemic?

“It’s been pretty good,” she said, sounding optimistic.

Her answer threw me off.  She was the third PT I had asked that day about how things were going since COVID started.  She was the first one with a positive response.  She had a lot of great things to say about how her employer was handling the situation.  She described that they were in it together, that they were figuring out telehealth, and that they were all offering ways to stay engaged with patients.  Her pay hadn’t changed although her caseload had decreased substantially.

Her feeling of camaraderie was a polar opposite to others I had spoken to who felt isolated and overlooked by their employer.  We are fortunate to be able to coach a variety of physical therapists around the world and we have gotten to hear how people have fared through COVID-19. It has been interesting to hear the extremes of how employers have treated employees during this time and how PTs have...

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Why you shouldn't put your dreams on hold [even right now]


I would like to introduce you to one of our awesome Rebels Nicole Woodard of Mobility Athletes.

Nicole made the jump from working for an employer to working for herself.  Nicole is like many of our rebels who became frustrated working for the productivity standards of a company.  

 She saw the opportunity to do things differently. I was able to discuss with her how she overcame the fear of creating her own business and by doing that, created the life outside of work for her family that she has always dreamed of. 

Not only did she do this, she did it right before the pandemic hit and her business is thriving.  

When many are quick to say that now is not the right time, Nicole thinks very differently.

Find out how you can create the life and career of your dreams like Nicole did in this interview.


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The Maze of PT

You can always depend on the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore to have some weird attraction you are willing to spend money on.  One of the most memorable was a maze, but instead of walls, it was filled with mirrors.  You are basically surrounded by an infinite number of your own reflections in all directions.  It was difficult to know whether there was a wall in front of you or not, because the mirror screwed with your depth perception. Now, that would have been hard enough to navigate through. 

However a group of us wanted to make it near impossible and also highly dangerous.  We wanted to see who could get through the maze fastest.  

So, we all took off as fast as possible.  Within seconds, each of us was met head on by one of the mirrors.  Then you’d bounce off, turn, and go another way eventually running into a mirror again. 

By the third or fourth collision you learned to slow down your speed to prevent permanent bodily...

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The question that will ignite your career


Recently I announced my retirement as Founding Director of the University of Evansville & ProRehab Sports Residency Program after 14 years. I am so thankful for that opportunity and looking back, so glad I did it --- While I’m in awe of the impact we’ve had over the years, I’m equally excited for the new leadership moving forward.

What a humbling legacy...but now it causes me to ask, "What will I want to look back on in 10 years and be glad I started today?" What’s next for me?

Sure 14 years as residency program director goes fast but it still seems like a long time too. These past 8 weeks have been an even greater wake up call that the sum of our minutes, hours, days, and weeks make up our years and then ultimately our life.

I honestly can’t believe we have been at home for two months. Where has the time gone?

I was recently asked, “What do you want to be able to say about your time when this pandemic is over?  Do you want to say that...

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Filling the gap between new grad and expert

“Fix the hip extension,” he said nonchalantly.  The ease of his answer frustrated me.  I had struggled to improve a patient’s dorsiflexion for two weeks and his answer was too quick.  I was convinced he hadn’t listened to me and pressed further.

“I don’t think you understand.  I can get the ankle better and restore the range of motion with manual treatment, but it doesn’t stick,”  I repeated.  

“Yes, so fix the hip extension and the dorsiflexion will stay without needing to mobilize it every session,” he stated confidently.  

I knew the SFMA and I understood the concept of regional interdependence, but there were many other things I would try and improve on this patient before I’d think about fixing hip extension. But, he wasn’t changing his answer.  So I left to improve hip extension, prove that wasn’t the problem and then come back to get a different...

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Is there a financial silver lining right now?



I need to start by saying that there are an unprecedented amount of financial hardships brought on by COVID.  I do not want to downplay that or draw attention away from it.  Everyone is struggling and some a lot more than others.  This post will not be for everyone, I recognize that.  But even in the toughest of times, my mom instilled in me the value of always trying to find a silver lining from a very young age.

That is not to say that I didn’t spend much of March and a good portion of April being stressed and angry.  I did.  Grieving and coping is part of the process, but eventually I have a learned reflex to find the good in the situation. Full disclosure, I’m on 20 hours of pay currently (I know a lot better than many), but nonetheless half of what I normally make.  I’m not looking for sympathy, in fact I don’t want it.  Because I did find the silver lining that is going to benefit me financially in the...

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Why Patients Don’t Do Their Exercises

“How are the exercises going?” I asked.  There was a pause and a break in eye contact and I knew what she was about to say.

“I really haven’t done them.”

“How come?” I replied trying not to seem too disappointed.  I felt like the last session had gone really well and I was looking forward to following up with this patient all day.

She had started PT elsewhere and I was getting the chance to take over at the three month mark post SLAP repair.  She played on an intramural volleyball team and coached youth softball, she was an active person.  The last session we had eliminated the pinch she felt at end range and she left excited, hopeful, and determined.  What happened in the days since I had seen her last?  Where did that motivation go?  Why hadn’t she done her exercises?

Determined to find out I started asking questions.  Were they too hard? No.  Too easy? No.  Did they hurt? No. ...

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I have too many free t-shirts

After I went to my first Combined Sections Meeting for PT, I came home with twelve new t-shirts.  I thought this was pretty awesome.  I’ve been a sucker for a free t-shirt for as long as I can remember and I cavalierly stopped by any booth promising a free shirt.  It didn’t matter what it was, I wanted it.  Truthfully, I didn’t even know what half the t-shirts were advertising.  

During the same time, I put my email in a drawing for free books.  Turns out I got an email a few days later stating I won a stack of different books relating to physical therapy.  I didn’t open a single one of those books for four years, but I did begrudgingly give away a few very worn t-shirts.  

My point?  Not all free things are created equal and in the past I’ve not always been good about discerning which is more meaningful.  But I will say, until I cleaned out my closet last weekend… I had way too many...

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