Can you be happy in a job you hate?


Phil:  Alright, Jenna, I want to tackle an unpopular topic, a topic that's hard to discuss.  I know I have a hard time discussing it, but being happy at a job you hate. Okay?  And let me give you a little context here.  It's one of those things like maybe you need to move jobs. Maybe you're thinking about moving careers, or maybe you can't even. But whatever the situation, sometimes the advice we give, or quite frequently the advice we give is you need to be happy in those circumstances That's like bad medicine.

Jenna:  I mean . . . I'm like kind of annoyed at you right now. How do you tell people to be happy in a job where they're unhappy? That's terrible.

Phil:  Right? Because it's kind of like giving someone the middle finger while you're smiling. It's like, yeah, be happy. So talk to me about the importance of that and then how do you do that? What does that look like?

Jenna:  Okay, so I don't know. I'm going to change one word. So instead...

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Filling the gap between new grad and expert

“Fix the hip extension,” he said nonchalantly.  The ease of his answer frustrated me.  I had struggled to improve a patient’s dorsiflexion for two weeks and his answer was too quick.  I was convinced he hadn’t listened to me and pressed further.

“I don’t think you understand.  I can get the ankle better and restore the range of motion with manual treatment, but it doesn’t stick,”  I repeated.  

“Yes, so fix the hip extension and the dorsiflexion will stay without needing to mobilize it every session,” he stated confidently.  

I knew the SFMA and I understood the concept of regional interdependence, but there were many other things I would try and improve on this patient before I’d think about fixing hip extension. But, he wasn’t changing his answer.  So I left to improve hip extension, prove that wasn’t the problem and then come back to get a different...

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