Do you want to make an impact in physical therapy?

career impact mission vision Apr 16, 2020
When I first became a physical therapist I used to constantly think, "I could've come up with that."  I'd pick up The Stick, the BOSU ball, and so many other pieces of equipment and wonder how it became so widespread.
I've never actually wanted to create a piece of equipment, but I've always had the desire to leave my mark on physical therapy.
I spent the first few years of my career trying to figure out "my thing."  I wanted to be an expert in something, I wanted to uncover something new, and I wanted to leave the profession better than when I came into it.  
I still want to leave a legacy, but the how part seems so elusive.  Phil and I talked this week about how you can make an impact on physical therapy and how he came to develop the Y-Balance Test.
I'll give you a hint... it doesn't come down to a single "ah-ha" moment.
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