Why is it important to identify your values?


When considering a career or job change, it often feels like a huge task with little direction. Many go looking to solve a problem or improve a certain part of their previous job, but may need to make sure it aligns with their values first. Phil and Jenna discuss how knowing your values can lead to your ideal position more than searching for the perfect job.

Phil:  Alright Jenna, we're talking about finding the next step in your career.  Why is it important to identify your values?

Jenna:  So it's definitely important to identify your values first, because a lot of times for especially new grads or even people when they're like, okay, I want something different, they just start going in 14 different directions and trying this and trying that.  Maybe I'll do this and maybe I'll do that.  But if you are like ready to make a change . . . so if we're ready to try to figure out what we want next, maybe it's at the same job you're at, maybe it's at a new...

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