Phil Plisky Bio

I spent the first half of my physical therapy career trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I  grew up. I kept going from job to job trying to find the perfect fit.  Each new position brought me closer and closer to the realization that I may need to create my own ideal career path rather than find the perfect job. While I had some great clinical mentors along the way, I didn’t have anyone mentor me from a career development perspective. That is why for the past decade I have been passionate about being this type of mentor for others.  It has afforded me the opportunity help others develop their ideal careers.

I have had the privilege of mentoring hundreds of people, helping them identify and fulfill their dreams. I’ve watched these people work hard and experienced their journey as they achieve their ideal careers in professional sports, business, teaching, and clinical practice.

Having held numerous career paths from hospital administration, continuing education, professional sports consultation, academia, product development, company startups, and research, I can offer our community a broad perspective on career and life opportunities.






 Being a husband and a father of four busy boys, I believe I can relate to the demands of  “work-life balance.”  If you would like to connect clinical or research information, I also write at


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