I hesitate to even write this post

I hesitate to even write this post. I am afraid it will be taken as boastful. I am also afraid that people won’t want to hear the point of the post. But I am going to do it anyway because I think this message is so essential for our careers. At least it was a turning point in mine.

It was 19 degrees with below zero windchill. Earlier in the day I had gotten windburn on my face from just walking around a bit. The kids and I were on the way home from basketball practice and there was a car pulled off the road with its hazards on. What a horrible night to be stranded!

So I rolled down my window and asked if they needed help -- a mom and her two kids had a flat tire. So I got out to help (they didn’t have gloves, coats and hats).

I didn’t do anything special. I just did what most people would have done. Interestingly enough, I hate working on cars. Even worse, I hate changing tires without the proper tools. Using the jack that comes with a car is an exercise in frustration. But in any case, we worked for 20 minutes and got the tire changed.

I felt AMAZING after. I really felt like I made a difference. I totally forgot about my own business and problems.  I was helped by this lady and her family more than I helped her. 

As you know, the Professional Rebellion exists to help you create your ideal career. When seeking your perfect career, we tend to focus on what makes us happy. And that is a good thing. Even a lot of our exercises designed to help you identify your ideal career tend to focus on how you feel doing things.

However, when you continually seek to make your own situation better by focusing on yourself, you will end up doing what I did when I started...going from job to job to find happiness.

The cool thing is, we are created such that serving others makes us happy. However, if we get it in the wrong order (seeking our own happiness first versus serving others), we will always be left a bit empty and seeking more...

So really the question should be “What types of service to others bring you joy?” rather than “What makes me happy?”

But let’s put this in perspective, while changing this lady’s tire did bring me joy, it doesn’t mean that I should become a tow truck driver. I also have to consider my interests and passions. I have zero interest in car repair (did that way too much growing up) and minimal skill.

But I do have a passion for helping people achieve success in their careers that they never thought possible. That vision statement allows me to serve others in a variety of capacities: professor, consultant, continuing education teacher, content developer, rebellion leader, etc.

So, do you have a mission and vision for your dream career? Or are you just wishing for something better? The process starts with wishing for something better but it really doesn’t get going until you have created a vision for what type of service to others brings you joy.

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