About Us


We believe that everyone can create the career they love.

How do we do it?

We inspire others to believe that they can create the career they love. We lead a culture that denounces the status quo and seeks to elevate themselves and their profession.  We give growth minded individuals a meeting place to share ideas, reach new levels, and be surrounded by others on the journey for excellence.  We eliminate limiting beliefs and in turn inspire a revolution toward career freedom.  We ignite a paradigm shift from being confined by our profession’s rules to living our own rules within our profession.

What do we do?

We accomplish this by providing education and a positive community for health and fitness professionals.  We inspire through high quality content and a growth minded community support.  We unite like-minded individuals that feel restrained by the status quo and allow the community to fuel the desire for growth.

Who do we do it for?

We do this for the professionals that want more.  We do this for the professionals that know how things current are is not necessarily how things have to be—and who believe there can be more.  We do this for those who feel outnumbered by negativity, but keep their positivity.  We do this for those that want more than a job, for those that want a career.  We do this for those that seek improvement professionally and personally.  We do this for those that value high-quality, positive relationships.

Who are we?

Jenna Gourlay, PT, DPT, SCS

 As I’m writing my bio for this site I cannot help but smile. Writing this is the culmination of frustration turned into passion, misdirection transformed into focus and feelings of burnout converted to inspiration. I smile because the career I love now, did not start out that way....READ MORE



Phil Plisky PT, DSc, OCS, ATC, CSCS 

  I spent the first half of my physical therapy career trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I kept going from job to job trying to find the perfect fit.  Each new position brought me...READ MORE


 Who is a Professional Rebel?

Professional Rebels believe that our careers are shaped by the Rebel Code-- the principles that we live by. 

The first principle is to Show Up. Showing up means taking active control of your career and your actions. We believe that we shape our professional lives.

The next principle is to Act Up. We need to act in order to get our Ideal Career. Small action steps make a huge impact. Act Up is two fold. We need to act, but we also need to act up. We aren't trying to fit in with the status quo of PT, we are trying to shatter it. We do not seek to meet expectations of our profession, we seek to exceed them.

The last principle is to Lift Up... to lift up each other. Regardless of experience, strengths, or situation, we all need accountability. We all need help in certain dimensions. None of us have it all figured out. Together we compliment each other. The collective strengths of The Rebellion strengthen us as individuals. We each need accountability and help, but we all have the power to give accountability and help. The Top is not the loneliest. We reach our best by helping others reach theirs. So the last principle is to Lift Up... to lift up each other.


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