If You Don’t Have This One Thing, You Are Less Likely to Accomplish Your Goals


I listened intently during our last Rebel Elite Community meeting as one our members spoke about her upcoming athlete summit.  She excitedly told the group that she had some amazing speakers and that the event was gaining more and more traction.  I left the call invigorated and struggled to fall asleep that night.  There is something contagious about the energy of someone pursuing their dreams.  

Another Rebel posted in the group that she had finalized the name of her future business and designed the logo.  My smile was immediate upon seeing the name and logo and that feeling of excitement is still present as I write about it.

We all know that it is important to have people surrounding you who are there for you when times are tough, but sometimes we overlook the need to have people ready to celebrate with us when times are great.  In The Leader You Want To Be, Amy Jen Su calls this the “victory lap.”  Who is excited for you when you hit a major achievement or milestone in your life?

I’ve watched many experience the opposite of a victory lap with some of the people closest to them.  You get a new job and rather than celebrate, someone warns you that everywhere is the same.  You open your own practice and you’re told you’ll never make a penny.  You finish paying off your loans and rather than congratulate you, you’re told that you had it easier than most.  Or you tell a coworker about a challenging patient you helped and rather than admiration, she ignores your story and tries to one up you with her own story.

Finding people who could take the victory lap with you is something I noticed was challenging from the beginning of my career.  It is not that people don’t care or want to see you fail, but sometimes their own struggles get in the way.  When you aren’t surrounded by growth-minded individuals, it can be really difficult to share wins without feeling as if you were bragging.  But giving a great presentation and having no one to celebrate with or starting your own practice but having no one to cheer you on is lonely and makes enjoying the process that much more difficult.  

Without realizing it, I think this concept of a victory lap team is part of why I wanted to start The Professional Rebellion.  I get a tremendous amount of motivation and excitement from others achieving their goals (it is part of my purpose) and I also know that the saying “the top is the loneliest” is inherently wrong.  I know the top is not the loneliest because we all can lift each other up and get energy and excitement from each other’s success to fuel our own.

Creating The Rebellion was a way to provide a community full of growth and positivity for victory laps during good times and support during the struggle.  I can’t wait to take victory laps with more and more Rebels to come.  If you haven’t already, join us.  


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