PT Used to Suck

I want to tell you about Ted (his name and identifying details have been changed, but the rest is the same).
On the first call with Ted, he told me that PT sucks and that he felt lost.
It wasn't that he didn't know what he was doing or even that he didn't know what he wanted to do in PT.  The problem was that he didn't know how to get there.
It was hard to listen as he blamed himself for how he felt.  He felt guilty about how annoyed he was with his current position.  
Ted was describing The Life Cycle of a PT or the first half of it at least.  He wasn't sure what was next, his expectations weren't being met, and he felt stuck.  
These aren't uncommon feelings, but what comes next ultimately defines how you progress as a PT.  The first thing Ted had to do was believe that things could be different.  By doing this, he entered into the second half of The Life Cycle of a PT or what we like to call The Path To Your Ideal Career.
He started step-by-step figuring out what he wants, taking action to get him closer, and making connections that could push him farther.  
Ted now works with professional athletes and will be the first to tell you that PT used to suck.  While the step-by-step process is important, we would argue that the choice to believe the ideal career is possible is what gets you unstuck.
If you're ready, check out our free What's Next Three-Day Challenge and get started on your ideal career.

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