So the barista asked me, is a career in PT worth it?

Barista: “HEY! I heard you’re a PT, I’m going to school for PT!”

Me: “Ah, that’s great are you in PT school now?”  thinking maybe I’d see her in class in the future.

Barista:  “No, I just started undergrad.  “It’s worth it, right?!” she said enthusiastically smile.

Before I could answer I had a moment of panic.  Surprised by the feeling, I paused. For a while, I would not have hesitated to sing the praises of the physical therapy profession, but that wasn’t what I was feeling.  I was worried for her.  

Here was this innocent, excited undergrad student looking forward to a profession that so many people don’t necessarily love. And she still had time.  She could still get out. She could change her major if she wanted to.

I’m not one to crush dreams and I’m also an eternal optimist.  And so I told her, “It will be worth it.”

I believe the profession will get better and I believe that as a profession we will get better at educating our students on how to create a career that they love.  By the time she gets to be a physical therapist, I hope and I believe it will be worth it.

But there’s one thing you HAVE to believe-- that you can create the career you love in physical therapy.

I understand the aversion to that statement, it is the same feeling I had when the barista initially asked if PT school would be worth it.  I can think of a ton of examples that would disprove that statement. BUT, I can also think of many examples that uphold the belief.

These examples are not outliers or special cases.  The examples are people that refused to accept the status quo and these are the people that did things differently. And most of all, these people had to first believe that you can create the career you love in PT.

We believe it at The Professional Rebellion and that’s why we are about to start our next Bulletproof Career Rebellion.  We want to prove to you that it’s possible and show you how to make it happen. I get it if you’re hesitant, that’s the reason why we have a money back guarantee.  So, if you think you want to do it, take a chance and join this round-- It will be worth it.

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