Tips for Increasing Motivation at Work


Jenna:  "What are tips I can utilize to increase motivation and improve professional values in the workplace?" 

Phil:  You might as well ask this question about how do you maintain your diet?  How do you keep exercising?  How do we do the hard things in life?  Right. Because it's hard.  I wish to say it's just easy to wake up every day and be doing all the things you need to do, the way you need to do them.  From a professional perspective, I think the key things are have something that you're going after that is bigger. 

Know what that is, and then surround yourself with the people who will help you get there.  It's good to have people who will hold you accountable.  But I think also if you can get people who are trying to do the same thing, that really goes a long way.  One of the rebellion groups that I love formed around people who have started their own private practice and where they just meet up once a month just to kind of talk about what they're doing, how they're doing on stuff and asking questions about where they're stuck, because getting stuck is probably the hardest part.  We all start off fine, but it's how do you get through being stuck? What do you think?

Jenna: I agree. I think about the times that I have gotten stuck, because I think it's important to note that I think that's part of everyone's career.  We go through ebbs and flows.  So if you are in a period that you have felt lower motivation, maybe it's a time where you should take a little bit more time elsewhere in other areas of your life.  And if not, then having those people around you that are excited to learn something new or excited to practice something or want to tell you about the book they're reading.  That's contagious. When you hear that, you're like, oh, man, that book does sound good.  Maybe I'll read that or maybe I'll read something else, or it kind of goes from there.  So the more that you're around people that are in motion, the more you tend to stay in motion.

Phil:  Absolutely. I like that. That's good. Thanks, everyone.


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