Which PT setting should I work in?

Dear PT Students,
What setting should you go into?
Some of you go into school knowing exactly what you want to do with your degree, but many of you will have no idea and some of you will change your mind.
The pressure to decide, commit and go after a particular area is real. No one wants to feel behind. Yet when one classmate spends hours reading about sports physical therapy and another constantly retweets about neuro PT, the pressure mounts.
Whenever you feel behind, think of this quote from the book Range by David Epstein.
“If we treated careers more like dating, nobody would settle down so quickly.”
If you read the book, it praises generalizability and range or breadth over specialization. Yet, we think that specialization is what helps us get ahead. It isn’t.
Specialization was right for Tiger Woods who is an outlier. It doesn’t work for everyone else and it sure isn’t the way we should choose a specialty.
You don’t need to know on day one or on the last day of school what you want to do because what you know on day one and what you learn about yourself and the profession changes and grows. Don’t choose a profession because you think that’s what you should do.
Choose a setting because you want to not because you feel like you have to.

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