You are not alone feeling this way

Dear PT Students,
“What non-musculosketal cause might you worry about if this was your patient?” the evaluator asked me.
Sitting in front of me was my practical patient that was complaining of neck pain. You know what questions feel like during a practical. You’re on edge and may not even feel 100% sure if the evaluator was asking your own name.
All that stood between me and being done with the practical was this single question. I was almost done. My brain was in panic mode though and my mind was blank. Here’s my thought process: Okay, neck pain red flags. Neck = Cervical spine. Red flags = almost always some sort of cancer.
“Cervical cancer.”
My patient laughed. The evaluator looked down trying to hide a smile. And I stood there completely oblivious.
As you finish your semester, your practicals, and your final exams remember that you know the answer. You’ve prepared, you’ve studied, and you’re ready. Take a breath, give yourself a minute.
Everyone is uncomfortable, everyone is stressed, and while unpleasant- it is part of the process. You’ve got this.

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