The Unexpected Key To Unlock Mentoring

mentoring Apr 26, 2018

- You may change your mind about scheduling your next meeting.

Phil finished telling the story by nonchalantly stating “It happens.”  I was in disbelief to how matter-of-factly he said it.

It DOESN’T happen,” I argued.

Earlier that morning I received a text from Phil stating, “Well, I had a Plan B in case it was noisy in my office for filming, but not a Plan C in case….”  The text preview was cut off and my next patient had just arrived so I left the phone and planned to answer when I had a chance.

Phil was supposed to film that day so that I could then edit the footage for the course, Bulletproof Career Rebellion, that we are working on.  From the sound of the preview, there was some sort of complication with filming. When lunch came, I opened up the text and immediately knew there was no Plan C for this:

While getting a standard oil change, his car was backed through the waiting room that he was sitting in.  


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Is Your Career in a Valley?

burnout Apr 19, 2018

- Sometimes the lows in our career can actually provide the best insight

It is April and Southern Indiana is blowing up with blooming trees, flowers, pollen...but today was back to more cold, wind, and snow flurries. YUCK! In Springtime, I have the opportunity to spend some time away from the cold at Spring Training in Florida or Arizona. It is amazing, but the stark contrast in the weather makes winter even more disheartening. In a similar way, our career can have these same dreary and frustrating times as well.  

As I look back at my career over the past 20 years, I now recognize the peaks and valleys were as predictable and cyclical as the seasons. Those valleys held lessons for me. Lessons that would ultimately guide me through and to a career that I love. What lessons have I learned?

Valleys Provide Perspective

While I get discouraged after a prolonged winter, I find hope in spring and summer. It is easy to see this predictability in the seasons, but why do we have such a...

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